Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q 1 :- What is Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International ?

Ans :- DRI International (originally known as Disaster Recovery Institute) is a non-profit organization and a global BCM education and certification body. With its Headquarters in USA, it sets the standard for professionalism in business continuity management and has provided the profession's premier certification and education programs since 1988. These certifications ensure employers that candidates understand the tenets of business continuity and maintain their level of knowledge through continuing education. DRI International offers education in BCM at major industry events and through the corporate training program. The organization's International Affiliates insure that BCM best practice is taught and available throughout the world.

Q 2 :- Can you tell me something more about Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International, USA ?

Ans :- As an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) certified standards development organization (SDO) as well as other International Standards Committees, DRI International has an obligation to participate in discussions and the formulation of new standards. DRI International takes this role seriously. More importantly, those proposing or revising standards understand that including DRI International is not optional. DRI International is the oldest, the largest, and the most broad-based organization of its kind in the world. For more than 25 years, the organization has certified BCM professionals from more than 95 countries and conducted training in more than 45 of those nations. DRI International currently certifies individuals in a number of languages including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese and Italian languages with plans to expand into other languages in the coming years.

Q 3 :- What is DRI India ?

Ans :- DRI International, USA, operates in over 95 countries through its affiliated entities. In India, it operates through M/s Ace Services (www.aceservices.co.in), an organisation also known as 'DRI India' (www.dri-india.org).

Q 4 :- What are the different types of Certifications available with DRI International ?

Ans :- Certifications from DRI International can be broadly classified into following categories :-

  • Certified Business Continuity Professional :-
    • Associate Business Continuity Professional (ABCP)
    • Certified Functional Continuity Professional (CFCP)
    • Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP)
    • Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP)
  • Certified Vendor :-
    • Certified Business Continuity Vendor (CBCV)
  • Certified Auditor :-
    • Certified Business Continuity Auditor (CBCA)
    • Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor (CBCLA)
  • Certified Risk Management Professional :-
    • Associate Risk Management Professional (ARMP)
    • Certified Risk Management Professional (CRMP)

Q 5 :- How do I get myself Certified by DRI International ?

Ans :- To achieve ABCP or CFCP or CBCP certifications, one has to primarily follow a three stage process; Undertake training, verification of knowledge and confirmation of experience.

  • Step 1 :- (Not Mandatory) Undergo a DRI International certified Training Course (BCLE-2000 or BCP-501)
  • Step 2 :- (Mandatory) A passing grade on the Qualifying Examination is sufficient to verify a candidate's knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Step 3:- (Mandatory) An application is required to be submitted to DRI International to confirm the experience of an individual candidate.

To achieve Master Certification (MBCP), one has to first achieve a passing score on the Qualifying Examination (refer step 2 above) and have minimum 5 years business continuity experience in order to be eligible to attend the BCP-601 course. On qualifying the BCP-601 Master Examination, one can apply for MBCP certification with DRI International, USA.

To achieve Risk Management Professional Certifications (ARMP or CRMP), one has to attend the RMLE-2000 course and qualify the Risk Management examination. On achieving a passing score, one can apply for ARMP or CRMP certifications with DRI International, USA. Total experience in the field of risk management shall determine the level of certification (ARMP or CRMP) on can apply for.

Q 6 :- What are the various DRI International certified training courses available in India ?

Ans :- The following four courses are currently available in India :-

  1. BCLE-2000 :- Is a 4.5 days course which offers an overview of the Business Continuity planning process through the ten professional practice domains for Business Continuity Professionals. On the fifth day (first half), the Qualifying Exams are conducted.
  2. BCP-501 :- Is a 2.5 days, fast paced course for experienced BC Professionals. It covers the ten domains of professional practices and the qualifying examination is held on the third day (first half).
  3. RMLE-2000 :- Is a 4.5-day course which offers 32 hours of instruction and practical exercises followed by the Risk Management Examination. The training course offer a comprehensive approach to Risk Evaluation and Control delineating the skills, knowledge and procedures needed to effectively perform Risk Management.
  4. BCP-601 :- The BCP 601 is a business continuity planning masters' review course covering the Professional Practices for business continuity professionals in preparation for the DRI International Masters Qualifying Exam. This 3-day course features 16 hours of instruction followed by the Examination (4.5 hrs) on the third day.

Note :- To download the course brochures and view Annual Training calendar, visit www.dri-india.org (under Training Web Page)

Q 7 :-Can you let me know more about RMLE-2000 course. Is the Risk Management Training course limited to BCM related risks and its management ?

Ans :-No. The RMLE-2000 course teaches Risk Management as a subject and is NOT limited to BCM related risk management practices. Course outline in brief is as follows :-

  1. Risk Terminology and Framework - In this lesson you will learn risk management court Rulings and success factors. The framework for risk management roles and responsibilities, risk analysis and communication, establishing risk tolerance levels and measures, and establishing resource requirements will also be presented.
  2. Risk Models and Processes - This lesson presents and overview of qualitative and quantitative methods, risk identification, and asset impact analysis.
  3. Threat Analysis - In this lesson you will learn how to conduct a vulnerability analysis and the use of risk identification metrics.
  4. Monitoring and Reporting - This lesson presents risk aggregation concepts, the Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE) formula and the DRI Risk Management Toolbox followed by a comprehensive review for the Risk Management Examination.

Note :- Upon achieving a passing score in the Risk Management Qualifying Examination, one can apply for Associate Risk Management Professional (ARMP) or Certified Risk Management Professional (CRMP).

Q 8 :- What is a Qualifying Examination ? How / where it is conducted in India?

Ans :- The qualifying examinations (other than Master Examination) in India are conducted as a paper based examination comprising of 100 multiple choice questions to be attempted over a period of 2.5 hours. The qualifying examination is always conducted on the last day of training course (either BCLE-2000 or BCP-501) by Ace Services / DRI India. To know more about the training courses, please visit www.dri-india.org .

The Master Examination is conducted on the last day of BCP-601 course. Candidates attempt the case study based examination using their own laptops over a period of 4.5 hours duration.

Q 9 :- Can I appear for the qualifying examination (other than Master Examination) without undergoing the training course ?

Ans :- Yes. Such a feature has been recently introduced in India, wherein, one can appear for the qualifying examination (other than Master Examination) directly without undergoing the training course (either BCLE-2000 or BCP-501).

Q 10 :- How can I become ABCP or CBCP or CFCP ?

Ans :- An individual has to follow the process as indicated below :-

  • Step 1 (Mandatory Registration Process) - Write to Ace Services / DRI India (at cbcp@aceservices.co.in) and register yourself by paying the registration fees for the training course & or qualifying examination.
  • Step 2 (Not Mandatory) - Undertake BCLE-2000 or BCP-501 training course.
  • Step 3 (Mandatory) - Undertake the qualifying examination at the designated venue under the supervision of DRI India. The answer sheets are then forwarded by DRI India to DRI International USA for evaluation and declaration of the results directly to the participants. On attaining the passing score, the concerned individual is allotted a unique id and a password by DRI International.
  • Step 4 (Mandatory) - Apply for Certification with DRI International USA (www.drii.org) using the unique id and password allotted after passing the qualifying examination.

Q 11 :- How do I apply for ABCP or CFCP or CBCP certification ?

Ans :- Once an individual attains the passing score in the qualifying examination, he/she can apply with DRI International (www.drii.org), through an on-line application process giving credentials / experience in the field of BCM as per details placed below :-

  1. For ABCP - No Experience required.
  2. For CFCP - 2 years experience required in three of the ten professional practice domains of DRI International.
  3. For CBCP - 2 years experience required in five of the ten professional practice domains of DRI International.

Note :- Please visit www.drii.org to know the latest rates of application fees.

Q 12 :- How do I apply for Risk Management related certifications viz., ARMP or CRMP ?

Ans :- Once an individual attains the passing score in the Risk Management Qualifying Examination, he/she can apply with DRI International (www.drii.org), through an on-line application process giving credentials / experience in the field of Risk Management as per details placed below :-.

  1. For Associate Risk Management Professional (ARMP) - No Experience required in the field of Risk Management.
  2. For Certified Risk Management Professional (CRMP) - 2 years experience required in two of the following four domains of Risk Management :-
    1. Risk Governance and Compliance
    2. Risk Identification
    3. Risk Handling and Management
    4. Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Q 13 :- How do I become MBCP ?

Ans :- As a first step, the candidate has to attain the passing score in the Qualifying Examination and have 5 years minimum experience in the field of BCM. Thereafter, he / she has to undergo the BCP-601 course followed by the Master Case Study qualifying examination. Upon scoring passing score in the Masters' qualifying examination, the successful candidate may apply for MBCP certification with DRI International by submitting his / her credentials / experience in the field of BCM. To know more about MBCP, please see the course brochure placed on the web site www.drii.org.

Q 14 :- How do I maintain my certification ?

Ans :- Maintaining your DRI International certification carries two requirements; an annual maintenance fee as well as Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAP). To know more about the same, please visit www.drii.org.

Q 15 :- Do we conduct any auditor / lead auditor courses in India ?

Ans :-Ace Services / DRI India is in the process of launching DRI International certified auditor / lead auditor courses in India. These courses are expected to be launched by the year end.

Q 16 :- How can I receive regular updates on BCM related subject in India ?

Ans :- Ace Services / DRI India has embarked upon an initiative of forming a group on Linkedln. This group is termed as "DRI India". It is not an open group, hence one has to request for joining this group via LinkedIn. You may consider joining this group and sharing your views / thoughts on various subjects / discussions forums. Through this group one can receive regular updates on BCM related subjects in India.

Q 17 :- If I need further information / clarification, how do I contact DRI India ?

Ans :- Please write at cbcp@aceservices.co.in or call at +91-9819434143.